Roland and Claudia Smith find themselves on the verge of divorce.  Roland, a young driven businessman
(Played by Harris Michaels)
wants nothing more than his wife (Played by Ann M. Lynn) to forget and
forgive his transgressions and infidelities.  Claudia seeks understanding and empathy from Roland, who
has become distant and uncaring over the years.  One dark night on the way home from dinner the two hit
a girl with their car by accident and decide to flee the scene.  Upon getting home the two argue about what
to do, and after a struggle Claudia finds herself waking up in bed.  When her husband Roland fails to
convince her the nightmare was only a dream, Claudia takes matters into her own hands and makes a
decision that will lead her to question her very existence.
Via Dreams: Plot Summary
Via Dreams: Cast Members:
Ann M. Lynn (Claudia)
Harris Michaels (Roland)
J. Michael Sterling ( Tom)
Aya McDonald (Tammy)
Crystal Notes (Dead Girl)
Via Dreams: Crew Members:
Rodney Wess = Writer, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Casting Director, Editor, Lead Light
Mike Yaggi: Sound Recordist
Elena Chin: Boom Mic Op 1
Harold McGrogan: Boom Mic Op 2
David Brawner: Special Effects Makeup Artist
Keri Pabst: Assistant to the Director/Pubilicist
Music by:  Kevin MacLeod
Via Dreams: Technical Aspects:

Aspect Ratio: 16x9
Shot in HD with Canon Camera's and Nikon lenses.

Run Time Approx: 00:18:18 (Extended Version)
Approx 00:17:00 (Festival Cut)
English Language
Copyright 2010
R.W. Films LLC [us]
A Note From Director Rodney Wess:
Dreams, nightmares, & alternate realities have always fascinated me.  I wanted to write something thought
provoking and chilling that explored a few concepts behind dreams, dreams within dreams, and real
nightmares.  The project "Via Dreams" delves into a few different aspects of the dream world, and was a
challenging yet rewarding experience .
Via Dreams
Official Selections:

Past Screenings
The Bug Theatre
3654 Navajo St., denver, CO 80211
Thursday April 21st, 2011