R.W. Films LLC
R.W. Films LLC is a Colorado based film, television, and music production company.   Formed in 1997 as  "R.W.
Productions" founder Rodney Wess has been producing music for over a decade, and independent films since 2006.   
"Taking local productions to the next level is our goal."  (Check the
"About us" section for more information)...
R.W. Films
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R.W. Films "The
Evocation of
Shnigami" is the
biggest production
we've produced
since "Vampire
Mistress".  This
story of bullying,
justice, and
vengeance is set
to be released late
2012 as part of the
upcoming horror
anthology "The
Dead Speak Tales"
Starring Kenneth
Berba, Becky Nutt,
Pawel Weryk, &
Rebekah Shibao

Statues: In
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The short psychological horror film takes a look at Joseph Logan (performed by Michael Vasicek) a
convicted killer and famous author who was released from prison nearly a decade ago.  
(performed by Rachael West)
a young aspiring author attempts to conduct a series of interviews with Mr.
Logan, in hopes of writing a bestselling novel of her own.   

The conversations lead to one of Mr. Logan’s novels; rumored to be missing an unpublished chapter.   
What does the chapter contain, and how far will Caressa go to uncover the truth?
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The Hidden

The Hidden
Chapter is the
latest production
completed by R.W.
Films Click here to
see the trailer for
the film.
Via Dreams: Now online; available on the Via Dreams
Page!!!  *Click the Via Dreams picture above to view.
Check out the article about "The Evocation of
Shinigami" production on Fresh Film News
written by Arthur Martinez!
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