R.W. Films LLC is a Colorado based film, television, and Optimal View.   
Formed in 1997 as  "R.W. Productions" founder Rodney Wess has been producing music
for over a decade independently releasing such albums as "Orchestral Music for a New
Day", Acoustic Odyssey's, & "Into the Depths".

In 2006 R.W. Productions briefly renamed itself R.W. Studios with the release of our first
documentary "Horror Chronicles Case #1 The Story of Shonna Montoya" and our first
slasher film "The Restless Awakening".  In 2007 R.W. Studios became R.W. Films with
the release of "The Bradenton Monster" &"Vampire Mistress Episode 1"

Mission Statement
We pride ourselves in taking local productions, both music & film to the next level.  To
successfully produce original material that is truly unique and has heart.
And to constantly challenge the norm, so that norm can be broken, reshaped, and
Company information
About R.W. Films LLC
R.W. Films LLC
Film, Television, & Music Production...
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Rodney Wess was born in Aurora, Colorado, on Dec
9th, 1977. Son of Rollie and Ann Wess; Rodney started
writing short stories and playing various musical
instruments at an early age. At the age of 12 the young
artist began studying electric guitar and later took on
classical guitar studies.

Having performed throughout the Colorado area for
over a decade; in local bands, and as a solo classical
and flamenco guitarist.   Rodney decided to combine
his love for story telling and music composition into
one, and embarked on a career in film production in

Inspired by such greats as Alfred Hitchcock, Wes
Craven, Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese and Spike Lee;
Rodney also looks to engage audiences through great
story telling, and memorable characters.

With a dark imagination, a unique visual style, and the
ability to tell an effective story; Rodney looks to emerge
as one of the great film makers in the "digital age".
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"I make horror films, it's what I
love to do" Rodney Wess