A New disease known as the “V-Virus” is sweeping
across the nation.  The “submicroscopic entity” turns it’s
victims into zombie type creatures.  A newly proposed
law known as “The Extermination Bill” asks “Should
these living dead creatures be kept alive”?

Episode 1: The Infected World; gives us a glimpse into
the world in which we find four roommates, a group of
zombie killing agents, and a humanitarian group all
struggling with “The Infected Problem”.  The roommates
{Stephanie, Li, Jessica, & Maria} soon find themselves
infected with the “V-Virus” and must make a crucial
decision.  Wait and turn into a living dead creature.  Or
take an experimental antidote that is sure to kill them.  
The girls take a chance, only to suffer an even worse
fate then death…  
Vampire Mistress Episode 1 "The Infected
Running Time Approx 21 minutes:

Starring Elena Chin, Katrina Jensen, Cat
Trujillo, Crystal Notes, Jewel Lehman, Mark
Muehlberg, Heather Michelle Diaz, Belinda
Purdum, Charles Strickland III, Terry
Gatewood, Elizabeth Brost, & Linda
Feist-Marquez.  Make-up effects by Tom
Giles, Written and Directed by Rodney Wess
R.W. Films LLC Copyright 2008.
The Bradenton Monster is the first in a series of
Modern Day “Creature Features” from Director
Rodney Wess, and special effects make-up artist
Tom Giles.  

The short film begins with a young woman named
Kathy (Played by Kathryn Gould) speaking with a
seemingly normal older gentleman named Gordon
(Played by Mark Muehlberg).  Kathy kindly thanks
Gordon for letting her use his phone to call a tow
truck.  She tells Gordon she is on a road trip in search
of “The Bradenton Monster” (A creature said to have
devoured an entire town). Gordon tells her the tale of
the mythological creature, but becomes upset when
she mentions “The Thompson Family murders” (A
young family said to have been killed by the
monster).  Kathy soon discovers the creature may be
closer then expected, but will it be too late!!!
Wu Syndicate Member ILL Knob comes back
in a big way with the smash hit "JUMP"

Film contains Explicit lyrics, and mature
content, and is not intended to be viewed by
persons under the age of 18.  Viewer
discretion is advised.    
The Restless Awakening is the first in R.W. Films
“Slasher Series”

In 2004 there were nearly 6,000 unsolved murders, 7 of
these crimes occurring in a small town in Eastern
Colorado.  Their bodies were never found, leaving 1
serial killer to roam the streets...  

Inspired by actual events; “The Restless Awakening”
documents one of these terrible crimes.  The film starts
off with a young student (Played by Victoria
Shaughnessy) calling home seeking a ride.  She is
soon approached by a strange young man (Played by
Charles Strickland III) who offers her a ride in exchange
for a few innocent games of cards at his place.  The
student cautiously accepts the offer, warning the
strange man she will not tolerate any “funny business”.  
Things look okay once they arrive at the man’s house,
up until the student stumbles across a few jars of body
High-Speed Connection Required to
The Bradenton Monster:
Running Time Approx 10 minutes:

Starring Mark Muehlberg, Kathryn Gould,
& Tom Giles as the Monster.
Music by Rodney Wess, Make-up Effects
by Tom Giles
Written and Directed by Rodney Wess
R.W. Films LLC Copyright 2007.
High-Speed Connection Required to
The Restless Awakening:
Approx 10 minutes:

Starring Charles Strickland II, &
Victoria Shaughnessy.
Music by Rodney Wess
Written and Directed by Rodney Wess
R.W. Films LLC 2007.
Film contains course language, and graphic violence,
and is not intended to be viewed by persons under
the age of 18.  Viewer discretion is advised.    

JUMP Music Video
Run time approx: 4:20

For the Streets VOL 1
Flawless Entertainment
Directed by Rodney Wess
Produced by
R.W. Films & ICC Productions
R.W. Films 2007
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