The Evocation of Shinigami: To be released late 2012
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The Evocation of Shinigami:

Plot Summary:

“The Evocation of Shinigami” we meet Hiro Takahashi, a twenty year old
Japanese foreign exchange student trying to fit in.  He is madly in love with a
popular blonde girl he is tutoring named Kimberly.  Each tutoring session Hiro
feels will bring him closer to Kimberly.  His major obstacle is Kimberly’s ex
boyfriend Chad, a tough jock who is just as obsessed with Kimberly as Hiro is.

One evening Hiro gets a chance with Kimberly when he is invited to a big party
she is hosting.  Chad humiliates and beats Hiro who is left for dead on the floor
while the party carries on.  The following morning Kimberly along with Chad and
his friends find Hiro has committed suicide.  In a panic the small group decides
to bury Hiro and take an oath not to tell anyone what happened.   

Later that evening Kimberly, Chad and his friends find themselves being stalked
by a strange entity; an entity summoned by Hiro just before he took his own life.  
Will the entity bring Hiro Justice, or make Kimberly, Chad and his friends suffer a
worse fate even then death?

The Evocation of Shinigami
Written & Directed by Rodney Wess